While wandering around the RV park spaces in the mud trying to pick up leftover debris and trash from a recent brush pile burn, I happened to notice a rusty piece of metal. I pulled it up and it was a horse shoe, a very old horse shoe at that. I knew it was probably from my family’s cattle or dairy farm days. I thought maybe it was from a horse my grandfather Arvilee Allen may have rode. I shared on Facebook with my uncle and he replied: “it most likely belonged to a horse or mule belonging to your great-grandfather Lester Allen or great-great grandfather John Owen Allen when they raised beef or dairy cattle.” It just makes being here so much more special that I am continuing to work off the land that’s been in my family for so many generations. When I inherited the land it was overgrown and all wooded. The cattle pasture land long since covered up except for a pond that was dug by my grandfather. I hope I can find other future hidden treasures from either my family or the Caddo Indians.